First Time Fixup – In the beginning

Having fired our contractor after almost 2 weeks of no-shows, excuses and more, Charlie and I tackled the flooring.

We learned our lesson the hard way early in 2020, which is why we’re ready to start sharing our full journey from DIY disaster to absolute awesomness with a team of experts as we tackle our Master Bathroom! But it was the Main Bathroom back in May where this story begins….

I will be the first to tell you that I never dreamed with all the ass over teakettle, rollercoaster ride events of 2020, that we would be completely remodeling our master bathroom. From distance learning and cancelled events to paychecks that have taken cuts, we’ve been just holding on this year. Little did I know that my hubby was being his magical financial self and tucking away funds for this project all along.

We moved into our Midwestern Split-level home 13 years ago. Other than covering up the hideous sponge paint and bright purple rooms, we really didn’t do much to improve over the years. Everything in the house is builder grade from the countertops to the inexpensive lighting and terrible brass EVERYTHING.

But as a couple that was starting a family and new careers, we made it home anyway. Then it happened. We turned 40. It’s like we had this total epiphany of “Wait a minute…we’re FORTY! We’re too damned old for bad beer and crappy carpet.”

After a few occasions in the Spring talking about the little things we could change; lighting here or there, paint in the entryway and finally installing flooring that we were gifted by my in-laws. Welp. It happened. The snowball. The “well..let’s do this! and now this! oooh what about THIS!?”

So we were knee deep in DIY and a private contractor that turned out to be a nightmare. Charlie still jokes that we were lucky to make it to 40 before having to fire our first contractor.

We limped through the bathroom and entryway refresh, last minute hired out the install of our new front door and ended up plopping down on the sofa on a Sunday night to take it all in. Looking at the details of the Main Bathroom Refresh below, we were pretty proud of that baby! Thanks to C&D Granite, we had the most beautiful granite countertop in a satin finish. (totally hides all the water droplets and more) But thanks to the aforementioned terrible private contractor who had every excuse in the book from I hit a bear to showing up and leaving within 10 mins because he had another client to work on, we trudged through the bathroom over 5 weeks of Sundays.

It literally WAS the humidity not just the heat. What a week for DIY’ing our new Karndean Flooring (link below)

This was when we said NO MORE. We’re hiring a team to get these projects done. Charlie and I are capable enough for DIY, we just didn’t have the time or money to waste on trial and error.

So, if you like the nitty gritty of it all. The pinterest swooning, the down and dirty of demo and the real life of Marriage, Parenting and Home, then you’re in the right place. I’m so excited to share this home journey with you! Here’s a quick peek at our first project back in May of 2020, the Main Bathroom Refresh.

Main Bathroom Refresh


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