Plumbing the Master Bath

So you want a new, updated Master Bathroom, eh? Well, get ready. You have to call THE PLUMBER. The guy that always gets painting in a “they’re so expensive” “when are they gonna get here?” “Don’t let them talk you into more than you need!?” light. You know what I’m talking about. “well….we better call the plumber”, followed by dollar signs in your head.

Trust me. The dollar signs in your head are nothing compared to the dollar signs leaving your checkbook if you try to DIY a project like a bathroom when you’re NOT a plumber.

When I first chatted with Finken Companies, Mike B was a really amazing listener. He listened to me ramble at an exceptionally fast pace since I was nervous. After I finally took a breath, Mike started to ask some very important questions. Not which faucet do you want or any kind of add-on services, but questions about process, vendors I was using, if I had already picked anything out and If we were the contractor or if I was using one.

He asked so many questions I would have never thought of. Questions that were absolute necessity; permits, inspections, etc.

After our quick visit at my house, a few measurements, Mike had a list of things he would need from me. Things I had no experience in. Here’s where it gets really good. He didn’t laugh or act like “Can you believe this lady?!”. Nope, Mike just said, “ok, no problem, let’s work on this together.”

Now, as everything was starting to pull together, Charlie and I decided that a contractor WOULD be the best bet for us. Once Mike at Finken had his info, we were off to the races and I didn’t have to answer anything other than Yes, No and Rainshower! Ha! I got to do the FUN stuff!

Finken was there for the Demo Day. They took out my old toilet, shower and sink. In the same day, they re-plumbed for the Shower and it’s additional valves and fixtures. Re-plumbed for my toilet and sink AND fixed some big errors that the last home owner had left us with. We had a broken toilet collar and plumbing that wasn’t up to code. Literally on day one, it was all fixed, the inspector had come out that afternoon and signed off and when Finken left, the bathroom was cleaner than when it started!

From first day to last day, Finken was with us again for the final day of remodel: the fixtures, new toilet & inspection! Everything was amazing from start to finish and we even have a new “comfort height” toilet. trust me, you’ll NEVER go back to the freefall!

If you’re looking for someone to come in, do amazing work with honesty and integrity AND that will even clean up when their done….FINKEN. Hands down.


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