Construction is DONE! See our New Master Bathroom Design!

I’m so excited to show you the final construction results for our new Master Bathroom! This has been a labor of love with help from so many amazing talents here in Central MN! However, Decor? Sheesh. I can’t decide on anything. It’s a bit too fancy for Farmhouse and it would be too cold to go with all modern…so, I’ll have to update you later when I get that figured out! But, the construction? it’s done! You’ve got to see this!

We finished the project with a custom glass sliding door from East Side Glass Company. The thick glass that runs almost to the ceiling gives a grand look to our Granite Slab shower (C&D Granite) and even matches the new fixtures Finken Companies installed. The custom cabinets are from the masterminds of the crasftsmen at Tischler Wood in Avon. The flooring went from linoleum to a beautiful Paramount RigidCore Plank Vinyl (MCI Carpet One Floor & Home) and the Ceiling was retextured & painted as well as the walls by our neighbor Aaron. Bertram Electric in Cold Spring handled the electrical and our amazing contractor, Bob Bach, helped it all come to a finish.

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s not done yet. lol. It’s so grand, i’m having troubles deciding on final decor! I will have another post with those choices later, but for now, like me, revel in the amazing transformation that is our First Time Fixup; Master Bathroom.

Slide from Right to Left to see the Side by Side

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