Are You Ready for GOAL-vember?

We are two months from 2023, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait until the “New Year, New You” rush. Holidays can be stressful from so many aspects, so why not start the “better you” journey now? I literally asked myself that question yesterday. This is where my crazy idea for a GOAL-vember came from.

30 days of positive change for both the mind and body. While many people participate in No Shave November, I’m thinking more like Cardio Every Day and No Fast Food or Alcohol in November. These are goals that will help me reach my overall health and fitness goals. For you, the goal(s) might be totally different, but we can still cheer each other on all month long!

Ideas for GOAL-vember:

Read 10 mins each night

Plan & prep meals for the next day the night before

Take a walk or exercise daily

Correspond with a friend or family

Set aside time for your faith

Play a game or activity with your family daily

Create & Follow a Budget

Learn something new

Your GOAL-vember can/will look entirely different than anyone else’s, but you won’t be on the journey alone! No matter what you choose for your goals, we’re here to cheer each other on!

Ready to make a change in just thirty days? You can create your own calendar or download this one!

Follow along and check-in on social media all month long! Facebook / Instagram / Tiktok


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