First Time Fixup: Master Bathroom (Before Photos)

It’s funny how when you buy that new shower curtain, add a different picture on the wall or rug on the floor, how different a room can look. Especially, when it’s a dated 3/4 bath that you use everyday. You learn to look past the yellowed Linoleum. You make due with the inefficient storage and terrible lighting. Why? Because, let’s be real. Who has the moolah to tear it all out? We are everyday Americans with a family, a home and two jobs. We have bills and goals too. So, master bathroom remodel has always stayed at the bottom of the list below things like school clothes for Timothy and car payments.

Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been pinning my dream looks and projects for my entire house on Pinterest all these years! I’m a pinterest queen. Growing up, my pinterest was the JC Penney catalog. That huge book of “future”. From the furniture and bed linens, to the pots and pans I’d pick for my future home. I don’t know if it was the little girl who always lived in apartments dreaming of her first home or the only child in a single-parent household that dreamed of a big house filled with family and even an special quarter/room someday for my mother, but I was obsessed with my own home.

Fast forward to 40. I’m married, a mother and we’ve been in this house now for 13 years. It’s time to make it a home. You can check out other posts soon on the blog about fun furniture upcycles and more, but right now. Let’s Tackle THIS.

Now, I know I’s not THAT bad..we’ve all seen way worse. BUT, it also wasn’t getting any better. So, we decided to put together a team of experts to come in and go from zero to hero on this bad boy.

First, we knew that we didn’t have it in the budget to replace doors or trim, so we needed to come up with a great color palate that would turn our Golden Oak Trim from dated to a great accent.

Never have I felt so validated for my hours upon hours on Pinterest as I did at this point. The amount of searches I did for SPLIT LEVEL HOME, GOLDEN OAK, COLOR PALATE, BASEMENT WITH LEDGE, etc…just so you know..I’m pretty sure either everyone that owns a split-level must only be in the Midwest and 99% of them are Amish or off-gridders with no internet. Sheesh. Finding examples of my home and refreshes for them is damn near impossible.

Next, it was time to figure out what we wanted:

  • New Granite Shower with tiled floor and rain shower head & handheld
  • Glass Doors for Shower
  • New Lighting, Fan and Outlets
  • New Cabinets with better storage solutions and style
  • New Flooring
  • New Paint Color
  • New Lighting
  • New Toilet

At this point, Charlie and I laughed that we may as well just rip the whole damned thing out.

This was also when we realized that we could NOT do this alone. From permits to scheduling all the trades, it was a dance we had no clue how to choreograph.

Here are a few of the inspiration pins I found to help us gather our ideas and plans together:

In the end, this is the photo we chose as an overall inspiration and look for the bathroom. It is masculine enough for my husband and still has the option of fulfilling my love for Modern Farmhouse Style.

This is a photo I found on Pinterest and a couple other sites, but there is no blog behind it, etc. So, we took our printed out photo and started putting together the team.


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